Fun Accessories For Your Flower Girls That Aren’t Flowers


Photography courtesy of Natalie Andrusiak as seen in this real wedding.

As your bridal party walks down the aisle, they are helping to set the tone for the ceremony that will follow. It is a traditional part of most wedding ceremonies to have your closest friends or family walking ahead and making way for you to marry your partner. A conventional bridal party includes not just your bridesmaids but also a flower girl. While the flower girl is usually a young girl carrying flowers or a basket of petals down the aisle, nowadays the role doesn’t require her to simply carry a bouquet. A lovely arrangement of wedding flowers is beautiful and traditional, but you can make the part of flower girl more  modern and original by personalizing what your flower girl holds. There are a number of other adorable items that she can carry down the aisle to make that part of the ceremony more meaningful. Here are some inspiring alternatives to flowers that we love seeing flower girls carry.

It can be just as sweet for a flower girl to toss confetti or dried leaves as she walks. If you do choose confetti, you can incorporate your wedding colours to tie it to your theme.

A Stuffed Animal or Pet
If you and your partner have a pet you can have them walked down the aisle with your flower girl. If your pet is not able to be at your ceremony, you could also have them presented symbolically with a stuffed animal or toy. 

A Pumpkin
If you’re hosting a fall wedding, a small pumpkin or gourd is an adorable way to incorporate the season into the walk down the aisle. 

A Themed Object
If your wedding has a distinct theme, your flower girl can walk with a special item that matches your theme.

Add some colour and whimsy into your ceremony by having your flower girl carry a bouquet of balloons, or even just a single balloon.

Umbrella or Parasol
For an outdoor ceremony, a cute option is having your flower girl carry a colourful umbrella or a painted parasol which can serve as decor, and also allows her to shield her face from the sun. 

Lights or a Lantern
This is a great option if you’re having a late night or evening ceremony. Have your flower girl carry twinkle lights in a mason jar or a lantern for a magical, romantic vibe. 

Blowing bubbles is a universal sign of happiness and lightness, and having your flower girl blow bubbles while she walks down is aisle will make for a sweet and adorable moment. It will also make for some beautiful wedding photos.

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