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Happy New Year!
I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating holiday. I took the time I needed to regroup and I feel ready to tackle all of the many projects under way at Coriander Girl and of course, the country wedding extravaganza we are planning for this summer. How does a florist plan her own wedding when she has a serious influx of wedding consults and now 20 other weddings to worry about? This is a happy problem and I love a challenge. I do my best work under pressure so bring it on!
Fortunately for us, I’ve got the big things nailed down but it’s the little things that I find are the most charming, so I’m going to have to find the time in and amongst all the other career stuff. Are you having this problem? Juggling work, home, wedding planning, eating? You’re not alone darlings. We must remember to set boundaries for ourselves, and when we’re stretched too thin we must learn to let something go. I have some phenomenal women in my life who have mastered the art of saying “no” and we could all probably take a page from their book, run off a dozen copies and post them all over the house. This proves difficult to do when you consider yourself a “yes” woman. It’s remarkable though, when you give yourself permission to not go to the party or to cancel the yoga class just how much more space you have in that head of yours. Take a breath and visualize the incredible relaxed day you are going to have on your wedding day. The best advice I have received so far is that no one will remember the details as much as they will remember the look on your face and the love shared between you and your lobster. Project health and wellness begins now! I finally got a blender so no more excuses.

Alison xoxo

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