Foodie Favours That Every Guest Will Appreciate

foodie favours - donuts

foodie favours - donuts

Are you a food enthusiast with an adventurous palate who lives for testing new recipes and dining out with friends? Why not show off your love of all things gourmet with fabulous foodie favours?

While cupcakes and cookies are classic edible favours, we suggest going above and beyond the traditional items. Our pick of delicious foodie favours range from delectable marshmallows in crazy flavours (like chai spice and champagne) to chocolate-dipped pretzels covered in fun toppings like toasted coconut or smooth mint.

For those that love the idea of giving away homemade jam (but are pressed for time to make it), look to quality farms that create natural preserves using only the finest ingredients.

For foodie favours that are more common (especially for your pickier guests) you really can’t go wrong with candy crackle–a party mix that includes buttery caramel corn, salty pretzels, roasted almonds and dark Belgian chocolate. Whether you’re on the hunt for a luxurious tasty item or want an edible treat that’s less predictable, here’s our curated list of 10 foodie favours that are sure to delight your guests (and their stomachs!).

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