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Floral Experts Share What's Hot For 2017 Weddings

  |  By Alison McGill

Weddingbells' mannequin created by Erin Carmichael of The Design Co. in Ottawa won "Best in Show" at the Fleurs des Villes show in Ottawa.

In our books, flowers make a wedding day and the more original your floral décor is the better. We love seeing florists use their artistic talents in unique and unusual ways and that is exactly what we’ve been seeing with the talents we’ve been working with for Fleurs des Villes. This super-cool and creative floral show has been travelling across Canada—the tour started in Victoria and has touched down in Burnaby, Edmonton, Ottawa and is enroute to Burlington, Ontario—challenging flower pros to create incredible mannequins dressed in bespoke floral creations.

We’ve been blown away by the designs created for Weddingbells by the five floral teams across Canada. So we thought who better to ask about wedding floral trends for 2017 than these experts?! Read on to see what these talent floral artists are feeling when it comes to wedding flowers (hint, they all agree greenery is HUGE!)

Tricia Rodriquez, En Vied Events, Victoria, British Columbia
Floral trends for 2017: "We are seeing brides requesting romantic, oversized bouquets, with interesting floral textures combined with a more colour-infused palette. Of course since the Pantone colour of the year is green, we are also seeing lots of greenery trailing from bouquets, in ceremony and in the entrance decor and table garlands gracing the guest tables. We're also seeing florals being suspended from ceilings in different applications from floral curtains, garlands, and greenery spheres to add that extra wow factor to reception spaces." Why flowers are a key element of wedding décor: "There is no doubt the floral element is the final touch that makes a wedding come together and brings it to life. Even brides that are on a budget should consider this, as flowers and greenery can be done in small groupings of single booms in unique bud vases. Stretch your budget and you can forage greenery and wild flowers to give more room in the budget to save for the beautiful flowers that are must-haves." Dream wedding flower: "Lily of the valley. I dream of one day being able to create a wedding strongly infused with this tiny bloom that can have a huge presence when used in large quantities. Pair this flower with parrot tulips, ranunculus, double bloom freesia, garden roses, and peonies and I would be in flower heaven!"

Dushan Karunasena, Dushan Flowers, Vancouver, British Columbia
Floral trends for 2017: "The colour green as well as metallic colours like gold have become popular in 2017. Tropical leaves are also very popular this year. We have been using them every opportunity we have." Why flowers are a key element of wedding décor: "Flowers help to set the mood and the feel of a wedding or any events with their beauty, colour, texture and the style. The ways in which flowers can be used are endless and they help the wedding event space to be brought up to a higher level." Dream wedding flower: "I can’t name a flower. We love working with different styles of weddings, and we choose our flowers to go with the style of that particular wedding. So, that means any kind of flowers can be my dream flowers according to the project that I am working on!"

Cory Christopher, Corey Christopher, Edmonton, Alberta
Floral trends for 2017: "Greenery, greenery, greenery! Though we absolutely adore flowers, there is a huge trend towards lush greenery. We are seeing sweeping arrangements and installations full of lush greens that provide a ton of visual and textural interest. Plants and succulents are also extremely popular and add a distinct flare to anyone’s special day." Why flowers are a key element of wedding décor: "Florals add a unique freshness to the entire experience and can easily bridge a wedding colour story together. I've always found that there is an eternal beauty to flowers. They come in such a wide variety of textures, shapes and colours that become another tool for telling the authentic story of the couple for their magical day." Dream wedding flower: "I love working with parrot tulips because they are unique and architectural! I love Dahlias too because they come in such a wide range of colours and tones. Though succulents may not be considered a flower, I love working with them -- they can add vivid detail and are extremely unique and when partnered with fresh florals."

Erin Carmichael, The Design Co., Ottawa, Ontario
Floral trends for 2017: "This year we are continuing with very natural, garden-inspired florals with lots of different varieties of greenery and garden roses in white and blushes." Why flowers are a key element of wedding décor: "Florals at any wedding set the mood for a romantic, beautiful and elegant affair…without them you just have a party in my opinion." Dream wedding flower: "This is tough because I have so many favourites, but I can’t live without roses and garden roses."

Brittany Doleman, Gary Fleming, and Monique Theriault, Holland Park, Burlington, Ontario
Floral trends for 2017: "This year it's about classic elegance and really creating a natural blissful paradise with florals. Large floral creations like statement entrances and large urn arrangements, floral arbours, and overhead hanging pieces are definitely sought after this year. Greenery is huge, as are succulent bouquets and boutonnieres. An upcoming trend we love is preserved roses. These stunning roses are cut fresh and put through a process that preserves them for up to five years in their most beautiful state. They can be found in almost any colour and make unbelievable centrepieces. Why flowers are a key element of wedding decor: "Flowers are known for being 'the gift of nature' for binding your love with another. Not only do the floral choices you make for your wedding represent who you are, they represent the delicacy of true love. Being surrounded with fresh flowers really captivates the romantic and euphoric emotions experienced on your special day." Dream wedding flower: "We would have to choose peonies, roses and freesia as the top wedding flowers to work with. Peonies only being in season for four weeks make them rare and delicate to see. Roses have a wide variety of colours shapes and sizes to match any wedding and freesia is the perfect addition for scent!"

This article was originally published on May 05, 2017

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