Finding Your Perfect Bouquet


As a florist, in the summer months I’m dealing with weddings on a daily basis. The process can be simplified when a couple knows what they want. However, it’s also very rewarding providing ideas for people having hard time in their decision making and seeing the look of relief wash over them as you describe their dream day. When a couple comes in I always encourage them to bring photos of flowers they like, but even more important is the feel, the overall theme of the day. Is the wedding relaxed and romantic or formal and classic or perhaps its vintage with hits of industrial modern? These kinds of questions are integral in finding just the right tone for the big day. At Coriander Girl we specialize in vintage romantic. It’s a good idea for you to research your florist and know what it is they do really well. If I had a craving for the best burger in town I wouldn’t go to a seafood place, you feel me? So, research the florists you plan to meet with to ensure you like what they do.

Bring a variety of photos, flowers you like, venue ideas, also party favour ideas help too. Inspiration boards are a huge design trend for brides and definitely help florists in getting to know their clients better.

I really recommend you meet with other florists so you can feel confident you’re working with the right person. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them over the next year and it’s best if you get a long well. Your florist will also go above and beyond for you if they like you so try to be on your best behaviour. I’d like to think my shop has a natural bridezilla repellent. And that’s all I’m going to say about that ; >

I’ve decided for our wedding to keep the flowers simple. On the farm the hill is covered in wild flowers in August so it works out perfectly. My bouquet will most likely be a giant bunch of wild flowers wrapped with twine or a lovely bunch of soft pink astilbe. There are so many options and every blog post I read gives me a new idea of something I want to try but we can’t do it all. I say keep it real and choose what is authentic and meaningful for you. Stay the course dear darlings.

Alison xo

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