Find A Wedding Cake To Match Your Bridal Personality

When it comes to your wedding cake the decision-making process goes far beyond chocolate versus vanilla. You’ll want to select a cake that perfectly ties in with your overall wedding theme because once the speeches have concluded, all eyes will be on the dessert table. An on-theme wedding cake will not only impress your guests, it will also look lovely in your photos of the day.

The perfect cake can come in a variety of different forms based on your personal preference. Maybe you fancy towering tiers with grand details? Or perhaps a simple single-tiered wedding cake with a quirky topper? As the bride and groom, you two call the shots! First and foremost, you should decide what sort of look you want to achieve. The next step is finding a bakery, looking through their samples and co-designing the final product. For the time being, we want to give you the tools to help develop your wedding cake game plan and it all starts with the look.

Take a look through the slides below and decide which sort of bride you are — classic or quirky? glam or boho? — then see which sort of wedding cake is best suited to your sense of style.