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Feather-Inspired Wedding Ideas

  |   By Bailey Spagat

Inspired by the flutter of birds? Incorporate their natural whimsy into your wedding day by adding feathers to your look. Draw inspiration from the elegance of white feathers and include them in your dress and accessories or use the colours and patterns of exotic feathers, like peacock, in your decor and lighting. Ditch the flowers and use feathers in your bouquet and centrepieces and supply quill pens to sign your guest book with. Gather feathers from the outdoors or a local craft store for a DIY element and combine different shapes and sizes with other natural elements like rocks and burlap for a rustic theme.

Clockwise from top left:

Dress, courtesy Lazaro.

Ostrich Feather Pens, image via Just Pens.

Centrepiece, photography courtesy Joel Ross Photography. Seen in this slideshow.

Junior Bridesmaids Dresses, courtesy Dragonfly Contemporary Designs.

Hairpiece, seen in this slideshow.

Boutonniere, photography courtesy Byron Brydges Photography. Seen in this slideshow.

Bouquet, image via Bead Flora Jewels. Seen in this slideshow.

This article was originally published on Oct 19, 2011

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