Fall Bouquets Featuring The Prettiest Seasonal Flowers

Fall Bouquets Featuring the Prettiest Seasonal Flowers - Eucalyptus

Fall Bouquets Featuring the Prettiest Seasonal Flowers - Spray Roses

With the beautiful foliage, crisp weather and cozy accessories that arrive along with fall, there’s nothing more glorious than an autumn-themed wedding. One of the most beautiful parts of the season is the wide variety of autumnal florals that come with it. From burnt orange to golden yellow, fall flowers are a great way to add some warmth to your bridal bouquet while tying in your seasonal theme.

“For autumn weddings, flowers and plants like asters, celosia, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, zinnia, sedum, eucalyptus, and succulents can add lots of interesting texture and a seasonal look to your arrangements and bouquets,” says Dejan Kristan, marketing director for Pick Ontario. These are just a few of the gorgeous blooms that are available during the months leading up to winter, and any one of them is sure to brighten up your bouquet and complete your wedding look.

See all of the different ways you can work seasonal blooms into fall bouquets in this slideshow.

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