Fabulous Cakes Part 1


Photography courtesy Cary Pennington Photography.

Last week, I was in the middle of brainstorming for some gorgeous cakes for the next issue. And every single time that I see something I always tell myself that I’ll return to the website, grab the image and share it with you (sadly that almost never happens because there’s just so much eye candy!). But this time, I’m putting my foot down and finding some time to share my unique cake findings with you all. Alright, so let’s get down to business, cake business that is, shall we? wbjune09_fabcake_300x4001

Totally love this idea! You know me and my cupcakes. So if you’re a huge cupcake lover, I say blow it up and serve something just as delightful and delicious as this one from CAKE. Actually, all the following images for my cake inspiration were sourced from CAKE. They’ve got tons more, these are just some of my faves.


Hello something blue! What caught my eye, aside from this eye-catching shade, was the mismatched tiers. Such a fan of them!


Whoa! Now this type of cake I definitely see being served at a luxurious or upscale celebration. There’s something about cream roses that’s so traditional, and if you’re a traditional bride, I say go for it.

Similar to the cake above, this confection is also great for the more traditional sans the millions of roses. It’s a bit more mod, and totally up my alley.


Swirls! Yes, they are back in motion. And because you all know my keen obsession with chocolate, I just had to share this with you. Again, a very mod, yet classic cake that can suit almost any personality.

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