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Expert Advice On Thank You Card Etiquette

  |   By David Connolly

Celebrity wedding planner David Connolly from Rich Bride, Poor Bride has joined Weddingbells as a guest blogger answering all of your burning wedding-related questions. Need some help with the planning process? Have a question about etiquette, organization or budgeting? Post your question in the comment field below and we’ll forward it directly to David.

Here is this week’s reader question:

Q: “I was married three weeks ago and have just returned from my honeymoon. We have not sent out thank you cards yet. When should they be sent out by? Thanks!” - Amelia Sirianni


Expert Advice On Thank You Card Etiquette

A: Hi Amelia,

I hope you're reading this answer quickly because you should have started on your thank you notes about ten minutes ago. Although you have about two months from the wedding to post them, don't wait any longer to start writing them, as they are always more time consuming than people plan for (cross-referencing each name to make sure you mention the proper gift, etc.).

In terms of what to send, the internet is bursting with free, user-friendly templates, image generators and DIY video tutorials that make customizing stationary a breeze. But why stop at personal if practical is possible too? For instance, this is a great time of year to send calendars.

The one-sheet yearly calendar above is made from a Mac iWork '09 pages calendar template, I titled it "The best is yet to come" with the wedding anniversary date circled as a fun reminder. You can print up to legal size at home or email your file directly to any copy shop like Staples or Kinkos and order a variety of sizes or paper stock, from postcards to laminated posters.

Hope this inspires some gratitude greatness (no need to thank me!)

Best, David

David Connolly is the owner of Aisle File, Toronto’s premiere wedding agency. He was a contributing author to Rich Bride, Poor Bride’s Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide and is a recurring wedding advisor on Entertainment Tonight Canada, Breakfast Television and is a series expert on Big Voice, currently airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

This article was originally published on Sep 24, 2011

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