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Expecting the Unexpected

  |  By Mai Trac

On top of the many obstacles that come up when planning a wedding, Bojan and I just discovered we are expecting another baby! It is such an exciting yet overwhelming time in our lives so I am glad we planned for a small backyard affair. Planning and organizing a full-blown wedding would be ridiculously stressful!

This past weekend we had a chance to make our wine selections for service at our reception and as gifts for our guests. The process was about 20 minutes in total and didn’t involve too much outside of the selections themselves but it’s one more thing off the list of things to do! We will be returning to the store in about five weeks’ time to see how our beverages turned out (although it’s too bad I won’t get to enjoy it until after the baby arrives!).

The biggest concern I have before the big day is what I will wear. I have been putting this on hold as I’m not sure how big I will be and what will be most flattering. At this point, my only option is going with something from a maternity store. I’ve searched within my city but nothing has quite done it for me.  So I’ve turned my search to the Internet. I haven’t narrowed down the choice completely but initially these three numbers spoke to me.

The first is a knee length fuchsia chiffon dress with a ruffled neckline. It’s the most cocktail party-ish and for me, the most interesting out of the three choices.

The second is a gold silk tunic dress. This one is a bit more formal but I think it might be the most flattering given how much I may be showing in June.

The third is a ruched tank dress by Isabella Oliver available in cobalt blue, fuchsia or black. It is definitely the most form fitting and sexiest out of the choices (hey, it’s even been seen on Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum!).  I’m not sure I LOVE this one but it has definitely made the short list.

What do you think is the best choice?

1. Fuchsia dress with ruffled neckline

2. Gold silk tunic dress

3. Form fitting ruched tank dress

    This article was originally published on May 10, 2010

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