Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Videography

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Videography - Bride and Groom

When it comes to capturing all the special moments of your wedding day, wedding photography is what many engaged couples put the most thought toward. But wedding videography is an important component to consider for your big day as well. A videographer is able to shoot moments from the day that you may not be able to see, such as your guests arriving at your venue, or mingling during cocktail hour as you and your new spouse take portraits with your photographer. The combination of music, narration and scenes from your day brings preserving your wedding day to a whole new level.

For many couples, wedding videography may not seem like a necessary component or added expense. That’s why we talked to Toronto-based wedding videographers Jehrico and Aya of Threefold Studios to get an inside look at the process of hiring a wedding photographer and how a wedding film can truly be a special keepsake of your day.

What is the biggest reason why couples should have wedding videography?
“Couples put in a lot of time, effort and resources when planning for their wedding day. It’s one of the most special moments in their lives and it’s important that they invest in hiring professionals that will help preserve the memories from that day. Speaking from our own experience, it took us a little over a year planning our wedding, but when that day finally came, we both felt that the day quickly flew by. We tried our best to soak in every moment as it was happening but even after our wedding day, we still found ourselves wanting to relive those once in a lifetime moments over and over again.”

How does the process of shooting and editing a wedding film work?
“During the initial consultation, we meet up with our couples to get to know them and learn more about how they envision their wedding and what they would like to see in their wedding film. We also send them an online questionnaire to fill out that will help us gather more information about their wedding day and for them to let us know of any special requests that they may have. Knowing what’s most important to them allows us to have a better insight how we’ll capture their day and craft their wedding film. We also make it a point to explain to our clients our process and style of shooting.”

Does the couple have creative input in their wedding films—for example, what music or shots to include?
“We’re open to any creative input the couples may have. We encourage our couples to let us know if there are any specific shots want to try and if there are any songs that they would really want for their wedding film. For song selection, we consider the suggestions that our clients may have but we also inform them that we will only use songs that we are able to license for copyright purposes.”

What are wedding film options are available to couples? Can you give us the scoop on same-day edits, longer films and pre-wedding films, for example?
“We specialize in crafting short, cinematic and story-driven wedding films which are easy to watch and to share with family and friends. We have a wedding highlight film which is typically 6-8 minutes in length and a wedding feature film which is between 10-12 minutes long. Both the highlight and feature films are cinematically edited, professionally colour graded and delivered digitally in 4K ultra HD quality. Our films include highlights of the wedding day and high quality audio recordings incorporated as well. We also send our couples a teaser wideo which is typically a minute long to share on social media. We also offer pre-wedding films which are about 2-3 minutes in length. The pre-wedding film is like an engagement photoshoot but in a video format. Some couples use the pre-wedding film as a save the date video that they share online or post on their wedding websites.”

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