Everything You Need to Know About Hydrangeas

Photo courtesy Jen's Blossoms.

This morning the Internet is all abuzz with the news that Madonna hates hydrangeas. Madge was given a bouquet of hydrangeas by a fan at the Venice Film Festival, and her microphone picked up the following quote: “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” For the record, we agree to disagree with the Material Girl on the subject: hydrangeas are perfectly pretty flowers that can be a great addition to your wedding decor. Here’s four reasons to love hydrangeas:


Not only are hydrangea blossoms beautiful, they’re also extremely voluminous, which means you don’t need many flowers to fill up your bouquet or centrepiece.


Hydrangeas don’t just come in blue. They’re also available in white, green, pink and lavender, so it’s easy to find a colour that works with your decorating scheme.


Among other things, hydrangeas are meant to symbolize devotion. How perfect is that for your bridal bouquet?


Hydrangeas look great on their own (a big bunch in a low vase makes a nice centrepiece), but they also look lovely mixed with other flowers (see above).

Where do you stand on the hydrangea debate? Love them or hate them?


3 comments on “Everything You Need to Know About Hydrangeas
  1. Alison McGill says:

    I love Madge and I also love hydrangeas. They were a must-have in my winter wedding bouquet. They are lush, lovely and add volume to any arrangement.

  2. Theresa says:

    I absolutely love hydrangeas and I use them all the time. I also have them in my garden and they are beautiful dried as well. By the way, there are many more absolutely amazing colours available that come from Vancouver, Cape Cod, Nantucket as well as antiqued hydrangeas. Ask your florist since the flower growers bring them in for florists to purchase. I think the material girl doesn’t deserve her fans thoughtful gift.

  3. Jane Dayus-Hinch says:

    I find it very strange that anyone could ‘hate’ any flower – it is a thing of beauty. Personal choice can range and vary and differ from other people, but to not like, or to hate a flower is a bit extreme! Usually flowers have a personal meaning, or a colour or a distinct perfume evokes memories or feelings. Flowers are given on so many occasions, to celebrate, to mourn, to inspire or to thank. There are meanings to each and every flower, and Brides will choose flowers for a variety of reasons. There is nothing more special than to receive a bouquet of flowers -for whatever reason, and I think Madge should be grateful for the thought and gesture as they were surely given for the right reason.
    Jane Dayus-Hinch Host of Wedding SOS tv show.

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