A European-Inspired Florist In Montreal

After moving to London to study international relations, Jasmine Ghaemi fell in love with the city’s open-air flower markets, and eventually enrolled in a few floristry courses. She returned to Montreal at the beginning of 2016, and opened her private floral studio, Bell Jar Botanicals, which has become a go-to for Montreal brides searching for some of the lushest, wildest-looking arrangements—a peek at her Instagram feed reveals dreamy poppy portraits, odes to daffodils and ridiculously happy brides basically buried in veritable English gardens. For weddings, she loves to provide a dash of the unexpected, and uses plenty of fruits (think: unripened blackberries or grape vines) and unusual foliage like cinnamon basil, geranium leaf and amaranth varieties. Fans of her work will be thrilled to know she’s planning on opening a floral boutique in the summer of 2018.



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