Engagement Shoots and You


Over at La Belle Bride, I’ve seen hundreds of engagement shoots. In some ways I love scrolling through engagement photos more than wedding photos! You can really get the vibe of what a couple is all about via their engagement photos. Which brings about a good question: should you have input as to where you take your engagement photos. Answer: Heck. Yes.

Think of it this way, your engagement photos are a celebration of a commitment you’re about to make together and the promise you’ve already made. They should be a reflection of your relationship and …well…YOU. So take a moment and think about what will bring a smile to your face years from now. Maybe it’s a shot of the two of you at your favourite café or breakfast diner. Or maybe it’s a zany shot of the two of you cycling around the city. It could even be a shot of you guys engaging in one of your regular way-too-intense games of Scrabble. Whatever tickles your fancy!  Just remember, you do have a say. Most photographers have a great variety of venues and spots to shoot, so pipe up and let them know what you’re thinking and what you envision.

Today I thought I’d share with you an awesome real engagement shoot by Angela and Evan Photography. I love the variety of shots and locations that the couple chose with their photographer. It’s like we’re peering into their Saturday afternoon together. And it’s cuteness times a million.

xoxo Chantale from La Belle Bride

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