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How To Select Paint For Your Newlywed Nest

  |  By Asmahan Garrib

Paint is the quickest and easiest way to transform any space big or small—not to mention less expensive than buying all new furniture and accessories. Colour can take a room from formal and dramatic to warm and cozy with just a few supplies and some paint. But long before that first coat of paint goes on, committing to a colour that you’ll see on a daily basis can be difficult. Staring at a fan deck or a wall of paint chips with thousands of options can be intimidating, especially when “Billowing Clouds” and “Winter’s Breath” look so similar, you can barely distinguish the slight difference with the naked eye.

The brand new Perfect Palette from Dulux is a stress-free way to update or refresh any room—even your entire home. Boasting a specially curated selection of 100 sophisticated, versatile and enduring colours, light, medium and dark tones provide contrast and balance. Developed for use by both professionals and homeowners, the specific colours in this collection seamlessly work together from one room to another, or as an accent wall.

A homeowner updates her basement playroom using two cool shades of grey in a DIY project.

Even if you’re renovating your home gradually or have an open concept space but don’t want the same shade on every wall, the Dulux Perfect Palette provides colours that work harmoniously together, taking the guess work out of choosing a colour scheme for your entire home while still creating a cohesive space.

A duvet provides colour inspiration for this master bedroom makeover.

Susan Forint, Dulux Colour Consultant, has 6 quick tips for choosing a paint colour:

• Seek inspiration from colourful or favourite items in your home, such as a pillow, fabric, or a rug. • When choosing a wall colour, look at paint chips vertically when making your selection. • Don’t put a paint chip against the existing wall colour you’ll be painting over, as adjacent colours can affect how a colour will read in a room. • Always choose a paint colour last. Determine flooring, furnishings, fabrics, and other fixed elements first as it’s much easier to choose a paint colour to match these elements rather than the other way around. • View the paint chips you are considering within the actual space, alongside the actual finishes and furnishings, throughout all levels of daylight and artificial light. • When incorporating an accent wall for a pop of colour, repeat the colour at least once or twice in another element of the room, such as accessories or furnishings.

Using several colours of a similar intensity in a small space can help to make the room feel larger, as shown in this bedroom shared by two brothers.

Visit your local Dulux Paints store to see the complete Perfect Palette and get started on your transforming your home. See to find a location near you.

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This article was originally published on May 09, 2018

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