Edible Wedding Favours Your Guest Will Love


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Wedding favours are of course a mandatory part of the wedding celebration. From sweet scented candles to Instagram-worthy succulents, gifting your guests with something sweet and sentimental to remember your day is a time-honoured wedding tradition. The trend in recent years has turned away from actual gift items in favour of incredible edible wedding favours. Here are some of our favourites!

Minty Fresh
These retro-style mints (pictured above) are not just a cute takeaway, but they’re a practical end of the night gift for your guests after a night of wining and dining. Adding clever tagline to the package will elevate this simple gift to something your loved ones will be sharing all over their social. 

Photo via Wear 4 Trend.

Chocolate Bites
Not only are M&M’s a classic party treat, you can have them personalized for your wedding. If adding your name seems over-the-top you can bag a selection in your wedding colour and label them Mr & Mrs. (Or Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs). 

Popping Up
If you have a salty or sweet tooth popcorn or caramel corn may be a great gift for your guests. Having a selection of flavours in a monogrammed popcorn bucket or cute mason jar takes the simple food to the next level. 

Photo via Canning Crafts.

Cool Jam
If you’re looking for an edible gift that may last a bit longer a jar of jam may be the perfect fit. A jar of you and your loved one’s favourite jelly spread will have your guests remembering your wedding with their morning toast.

Photo via Etsy.

Favourite Munchies
What better way to celebrate your union then by sharing you and your partner’s favourite snacks with your guests. A bag of each of your favourite candies is a personal touch and gives your guests a variety of snacks to munch on.

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