Edible Seating Cards

Want free cupcakes? If you’re in Toronto, on Twitter, at 12pm every Friday (just for the holidays), Monica from The Designer Cookie gives away a dozen cupcakes to one lucky winner. All you have to do is be the first to correctly answer her holiday-inspired question. No joke. It’s that easy. In fact, I won last Friday (no one in the office believed me until they came in!). And, let me just say, they were DELICIOUS. Jenn had the coconut cupcake, I, naturally chose cookies and cream, while Steph and Marsha (our marketing manager) indulged in the best s’more cupcakes EVER (kinda wish I went for that one now). However, cupcakes aside, The Designer Cookie also specializes in cookies (hence their name!), cake, and.. wait for it.. edible chocolate seating cards. Yes, that picture you see above is made out of 100% chocolate goodness. How amazing is that? Not only do you not waste paper, but you give your guests a favour (in the form of a treat) and get them to their seat at the same time. Brilliant!