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DIY Wedding: 5 Things Not to Do

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Do-it-yourself celebrations have evolved phenomenally over the last few years, from styled sweet bars to quirky centerpieces, we’ve seen it all and applaud them. But, we’ve also heard our fair share of not-so-well-executed DIY projects. Unless you absolutely know what you’re doing, are willing to spend lots of time and willing to dish out come cash (not all DIY projects are budget-friendly), some things are better left to the pros.


The photos you receive after your celebration are the same ones you’ll be looking at 10, 20, even 50 years from now, which is why such an important element is essential to your day and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. Yes, friends and family will have tons of behind-the-scenes shots, which will probably be posted immediately on Facebook. But, unless they’re accredited photographers, wedding photography is something to leave to the pros. If they’re good, they’ll ensure that all the basic and candid moments are not to be missed.


Often a debatable topic, is an iPod playlist enough for your reception? If you’re having an intimate backyard affair, that shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you’re expecting a huge crowd, hiring a DJ (who has all the equipment, and back-up equipment, should something fail–imagine a reception with no music, how awful!) is a worthwhile option. Not to mention, it’ll save you copyright fees should you get caught playing music without any license.


Unless you’re a graphic designer or have a simple design in mind, creating your own invitations (especially if they’re set invitations) require lots of time, precision and assembling. Printing and purchasing your own supplies could also be costly. Let the pros handle this one, and instead concentrate your efforts on mailing invites out and collecting RSVPs. If it’s your wedding budget that you’re worried about, perhaps make a compromise and DIY your own menus and thank-you cards.


Many often believe that bouquets are a tad easier to DIY. Remember, these floral arrangements will be in almost every bridal photo, so, if you’re going to create your own bouquet be absolutely sure that you practice beforehand. Otherwise, wedding florists, with their astute eye for details, can easily create an elegant bouquet to match your affair. Bonus: they might have lower fees due to their access to wholesale floral markets.


Again, if you’re not a hired professional, whipping up a cake can be strenuous, especially if you’re trying to create it a day before your big day. There are plenty of bakers who are talented, have a professional kitchen/storage and who can deliver it to your celebration without incident. If you really want to show off your baking skills, perhaps whip up cupcakes and serve them as favours–at least you can make those in batches.

This article was originally published on Nov 15, 2011

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