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DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa
DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

For today's DIY treat, Roxy decided to take cookies to the next level with these deliciously-looking cookie cakes! Isn't it a brilliant idea?! Of all the DIY's we've showcased this week, I think this one is by far the easiest. Get the how-to below:


DIY: Sweet Series Part 3 of 5

Roxy's Note:

For this treat, we’re simplifying things by using store-bought buttercream roses. But you can decorate these cookie cakes using fondant flowers or candy toppings of your choice.


- Sugar cookies, using your favorite recipe

- Sugar cookie icing, using your favorite recipe

- Buttercream roses*

- Round cookie cutters (1”, 2” and 3”)

- Parchment paper

- Decorating squeeze bottle

*Available at most bulk food stores.


1. Roll out sugar cookie dough and cut into 1”, 2” and 3” circles. Bake cookies one shape at a time, as baking time will vary for 1” cookies and 3” cookies. Bake until edges are barely golden. Allow to cool, about thirty minutes.

2. Divide cookies into sets before beginning to facilitate assembly.

3. Prepare sugar icing and fill a decorating squeeze bottle with icing.

4. Begin sandwiching the cookie trios using just ½ a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of icing, depending on size of the cookies. Press cookies together until icing is just visible.

5. Allow sandwiches to set for a few minutes before assembling the tiers, as the weight of the tiers could cause the icing to spill out of the sides.

6. Once set, assemble the sandwich tiers using ½ teaspoon of icing.

7. Secure buttercream flower or decoration of your choice to the top tier using a small dot of icing

So who's up for trying this treat? Hint for tomorrow's DIY: think French.

This article was originally published on Mar 03, 2010

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