DIY Cupcake Stand


I thought it was time for a little DIY treat from La Belle Bride. We’ve been working on a few DIY projects and free downloads as of late, but this one is by far my favourite! This project is an amazing addition to any wedding shower or wedding. It was incredibly fun to make—only drawback is that it made me eat cupcakes. And more than one of them at that!  Enjoy!

1. Plates varying in sizes. I preferred them getting smaller the higher they went but it’s completely up to you. For the “supporting dividers” you can use cups or shot glasses or old vintage candleholders. That’s what I used! Mess around and pile a few different options on top of one another…have fun!
2. Crazy clue. The crazier, the better.
3. Measuring tape
4. Pencil
5. Book or heavy object to weigh down the glued pieces


1. Measure the distance across your plates to determine the centre.
2. Mark your centre using a pencil and your “supporting dividers.”

3. Glue the heck out of the rim of your supporting divider and place it on your plate.
4. Repeat the process with the next level.
5. Once everything is glued, I placed a heavy book to weigh down the finished product and let it sit overnight. This is important. Your glue may say to leave it for only half an hour or so but, trust me, leave it overnight.

And voilà!  Your finished product will be uniquely yours and oh-so-pretty!  Now go on and grab that cupcake…

xoxo Chantale from La Belle Bride

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