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DIY Ceremony Decor Details You Can Do With Your Bridesmaids

  |   By Sophie Diego

Photo via Design Sponge

Deciding on the aesthetic of your dream wedding is easier said than done. You want ALL the decor: the perfect flowers, lights, curtains, candles and wedding signage. It can seem like a daunting task, but who says that putting together your fantasy wedding decor had to be stressful? Here is a list of our favourite wedding ceremony decor that you can DIY (and invite a few friends from your social bubble to help you out with!).

Instagram Photo Backdrops

Photo via Blumenstil Schwabhausen.

Your wedding is a night to remember, so you want there to be many spots for your guests to take photos to capture all the magic. Have you and your bridesmaids create two or three backdrops that are Instagram-friendly. Be creative! We love the idea of using a sturdy piece of stained wood and decorating it with flowers and lights of your choice. You can also a simple white curtain with botanical look, or maybe a series of stringed polaroids of you and your bride or groom as a backdrop. This isn't a one-person job, so it's the perfect task to do with your squad.

Wedding Signs

Photo via Ana Wedding Journal

Nothing is more tedious than writing several wedding signs in order to lead your guests through the ceremony. Write down all of the wedding signs that are needed, for instance: seat planning, directions to reception, games and ceremony, cell phones off, wedding gifts/cards here, order of the day etc. Print off a font template to make sure that the writing is consistent, grab a can of paint, the surface of your choice, and have each of your bridesmaids pick a sign they’d like to design. This is a surprisingly relaxing activity to do if you'd like some quiet downtime with your friends. 

Personalized Bridesmaid Decor

Photo via Public Domain Pictures

For a unique twist to your wedding, why not have your bridesmaids personalize their own wedding bouquets? Each bouquet will have the same theme of flowers, but you could add small details like adding a different coloured flower or writing their names on the bouquet wraps. It’s a nice homage to your bridesmaids who have supported and helped you through every step of the wedding. 

Don’t forget to show your bridesmaids your appreciation for them during your DIY decor party! Offer drinks, food and don’t stress if everything isn’t one hundred percent perfect. The best part about this project is that everything has its own personal charm. 

Giant Paper Flowers 

Photo via Design Sponge

To add a whimsical vibe to your wedding, you might want to try DIYing these giant paper flowers to place near the wedding altar or at your reception. You can create these towering tulips with coloured tissue paper, wire, cement, plastic cups, dried moss, tape, and stucco corner. Each bridesmaid can make their own custom flower! For some extra style points, wrap the flower carefully with dainty fairy lights, and you'll have super cool decor that will get your guests talking.


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