DIY Ceremony Backdrops That Won’t Break The Bank

DIY Ceremony Backdrops That Won't Break The Bank - Macrame Backdrop

DIY ceremony backdrops are a fun way to customize your wedding and set the stage for some seriously beautiful I dos. With the right backdrop, your venue can be transformed into a totally personalized space. From braided macrame for a boho-inspired ceremony to colourful geometric shapes for an art-deco wedding, there are many DIY options to suit every theme.

While you will need to invest some time into creating your DIY ceremony backdrop, these pieces can be a great budget-friendly alternative to renting or buying something similar. The creation process can also be a way to spend time with your bridal party or husband-to-be.

When thinking about what kind of backdrop to make, consider your ceremony venue. Will you have to create a structure to hold your backdrop, or will it be hung on a wall? Do you need to build your backdrop and then prop it against the wall? Transportation is also a key factor in determining how you should construct your backdrop. Consider making individual pieces and assembling the entire backdrop on-site to prevent damage, especially if it’s large or heavy.

After your wedding, the backdrop can be used as decor in your home as a reminder of your special day. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest DIY backdrops, and included links to their tutorials so you can get started on them ASAP.



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