Destination Wedding Cake


Whenever I think of destination wedding cakes, images of really bright oversized tropical flowers cascading down a huge cake that’s equally colourful usually pop into my head—sort of ’80’s-like. Can we say, scary?

I think destination or “beach” cakes have really gotten a bad rep over the last while—maybe they’ve been done to death? So that makes me question, what qualifies as a destination cake? I mean, just because you’re heading somewhere tropical doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to have a cake that mirrors your exact location. And to be honest, I’m a bit over jewel-toned hues. I think if you’re heading somewhere hot (or cold!) that you’ve got enough atmosphere to set the mood and tone of your day, so you’re free to have any cake of your liking, colourful or not. Sometimes simple is best. Case in point: this cake adorned in sugared orchid flowers from Beth Helmstetter Events ( is a perfect choice. Short, sweet and straight to the point. And, the fact that it isn’t enormous is a major factor to consider—most destination weddings tend to be smaller. Just food for thought!

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