Destination: Out of a Dodge


{Cinque Terre}

In a perfect world, Tyler and I would have enough money to fly our entire family to the Cinque Terre for a destination Italian wedding of the century. Another lovely idea is a beach wedding in St. Lucia or in the south of a France. One can dream.

So, how do we live out our destination wedding dream right here at home?

Well, fortunately we are in love with the venue we do have. The relaxed atmosphere of a farm somewhat mimics that informal beach feeling. We can use colours like beach glass, sea foam green, and coral accents and perhaps even bring in a truck load of sand for the cocktail bar. You can make your dream wedding a reality and you can do it on a budget, you just have to have a plan and a team of willing friends in place to help you make it happen. Start by clarifying your ideal wedding scenario and then make a list of ways to make this perfect wedding dream more realistic for you. You can do it!! We all can! If you’re fortunate enough and have the funds to host your wedding in paradise, enjoy it! We’re drooling over your good fortune but don’t worry, we plan to join you on our honeymoon! Hollah for honeymoons!

We can’t wait to plan ours, maybe we’ll get to the Cinque Terre after all!

Alison xo

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