Cutest First Dance Song… EVER!

Did I mention how much I love reading real wedding questionnaires? Every submission is always unique and different, and I always feel the enthusiasm and passion that each real wedding couple has put into their answers–almost as if I was there on their actual wedding day. One of the couples (can’t mention names just yet) whom I interviewed for our Spring + Summer 2010 issue (set to hit stands mid-December) had the most adorable wedding song called “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Well, okay, I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard this song before. But, once I heard it on YouTube (which was yesterday) I knew this song had that “special” factor. Listen to it. So, do you agree with me? Do you love it or do you love it? If you haven’t chosen a first dance song, I recommend this as a sure contender.