Current Obsession: Sculpted Cakes


What’s not to love about this cake from Roxycakes? Everything from the cupcake down to the bundt cake is sculpted to look like the real deal. Here’s what Roxy had to say on the confection:

Really: sculpted cakes! A sculpted cake that looks like traditional cakes. Every single element of this cake is sculpted: the nuts, the graham cracker crumbs, the coconut, the cherry, the strawberries, the slices – all sculpted to look like the real deal. It’s my ode to traditional cake – a reminder of how much cakes have progressed over the years. Or perhaps it’s just my imagination running amok! Whatever it is, I just love it, and hope you will too!

Opting for a sculpted wedding cake is one way to personalize your celebration and really show off your passion/love for other things. Thanks for the idea Roxy!

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