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Lavender cupcakes

There are so many incredible places to consider when choosing your cake or cupcakes, it seems more and more people are leaning toward the cupcake and I find myself moving in that direction also not because it’s trendy but because cupcakes are the shiz. It’s like a cake but smaller and made just for you. But, I think we can all agree that not all cupcakes are created equal. Some look fantastic but follow with a disappointing first bite, dry cake and overly sweet icing. When that happens some times I can’t help but think, “I should have gone for Duncan Hines.” He never lets me down on a cold and lonely night. But he also doesn’t use beautiful ingredients and adds chemicals to protect the everlasting shelf life.  This is why I have fallen in love with what The Sassy Lamb is doing. Proprietor and cake artist extraordinaire Jaime Dobbs will make a cupcake that looks pretty much like anything you ask for. Owls, sure thing, a glistening peach no problem, a particular appendage, I’m sorry what!? Jaime likes to have fun with her baking and will happily make whimsical desserts for the bachelor and bachelorette parties that are sure to make your guests blush, even conservative Aunt Josephine. And what’s more, they taste the way a cupcake should taste, as if heaven danced on your tongue and then asked for an encore.

{bride and groom cupcake pops}

I love the idea of personalizing the desserts, maybe Tyler and I will have cupcakes that are made to look like us so people feel like we spent more time with them on the big day. The Sassy Lamb also takes care of your photography! She knits, she sews, she’s really quite something. This talented lady needs to be on your radar, her stock is rising fast and so lessens the chance for this delectable dessert availability.

Alison xo

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