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Creative Wedding Registry Ideas That Go Way Beyond Toasters And Tea Towels

  |  By Lisa Perri

Image via Wedding Chicks

These days brides and grooms-to-be are no longer in need of a long list of basic household items. With many new registry websites, couples can create wishlists of the things they really need or want. From funding a tour of European pubs to saving up to start a family, wedding registry options these days truly are endless.

Weddingbells recently teamed up with Wedding Republic to give one lucky couple $500 towards the registry item of their dreams.We asked our readers to get creative and tell us which unorthodox gifts their dream registry would include. From the comical to the truly moving, your responses were beyond compare. Check out what some of the clever couples came up with:

"Backstage passes to Slayer of course! My hubby-to-be has loved this band forever and it would be cool to do this together." - Kim from The Pas, Manitoba

“Our registry idea is actually to set up a scholarship at a local university for student leaders.  As we are an older couple, we have all that we its a way to give back to create a legacy for future generations!” - Chris from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

"Fix my future hubby's broken front teeth from a snowboard accident. We have no insurance as freelancers and I would be so proud to fix his smile & boost his confidence for our big day! We'd also register for house payments, swimming with the dolphins on our honeymoon and a wedding tattoo!" - Anne-Marie from St-Jerome, Quebec

"We would register for Hostess Twinkies. With the plant closing and the threat of no more Twinkies, it's the ideal gift. Not only is it tasty, we know they will last as long as our marriage - eternity." - Lauren from Falls Church, Virginia

"Star Trek uniforms and full battle gear!" - Sean from Brights Grove, Ontario

“I think it would be great to register for a "date night." This could be gift certificate for dinner, a movie night for two with popcorn, tickets to a local museum, a horse-drawn carriage ride in the park, mini golf, a weekend up at Whistler, hockey tickets...any one night activity. It would give you a chance to go out and do something fun together after the wedding (and fend off some of those post-wedding blues)." - Jovita from Vancouver, British Columbia

"A family registry.  I am in a same-sex relationship and my future wife and I will aiming to start a family after the wedding.  As there is a cost involved for services associated with IUI or IVF, people may want to contribute." - Sabrina from Toronto, Ontario

"I would register for a piece of land/cottage on the ocean in PEI. Why? It's the spot where my fiancee proposed on September 15, 2012. On our way back home to Ontario we agreed that some day we will buy a piece of land/cottage in PEI so we can visit often and constantly rekindle the most monumental trip our our lives - the trip he knelt down on one knee at sunrise on a red sand beach and asked me to be his forever. My dream registry idea is practical in light of the number of guests we plan to invite to our wedding - if all 400 guests invited give $50, we would have $20,000 for our PEI getaway property." - Collette from Napanee, Ontario

"My fiance Shane and I are avid foodies and film lovers. We went on a date night to see the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi which is about 85 year old Jiro, the master sushi chef at  Sukiyabashi Jiro, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan. As sushi lovers, our stomachs growled during the film with every mouth-watering shot of the fresh creations by Jiro. We are planning a honeymoon in Japan in May 2014 after our wedding, so I would register for $500 for a meal at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, which typically runs $250 per person.  The meals are unique in that you don't get to order off the menu (and no one speaks English). The chef presents you with a selection of fresh offerings based on whatever he feels like making that day, which appeals to our adventurous nature and rumbling stomachs. We are beginning our honeymoon in Tokyo and this would be a great way for us to start off a life of adventure, travel, and food together. We would love to place our taste buds at the hands of a world famous sushi chef! (Side note: I highly recommend the film, just don't watch on an empty stomach!) - Rachel from Toronto, Ontario

"We love beer! It's what we bonded over on our first date. We love going to beer festivals and sampling new craft beers. We love it so much we are having a beer-themed wedding! For our honeymoon, we plan to go on a pub crawl all throughout Europe. My fiancee has never left North America, so I'm excited to show him Europe. We can't wait to taste beer in England, Germany and Belgium. We even might go to the Great British Beer Festival. Our registry would be for the costs of our pub crawl honeymoon!" - Joanna from Vancouver, British Columbia

"Telescope binoviewer to observe the moon together." - Maurice from Prince George, British Columbia

The Winner: We picked this entry from Jennifer in Toronto because it's a creative idea we think other couples will want to emulate. We love that Jennifer's guests will get to see exactly how their gift contributed to her honeymoon.

"We have been living together for five years and really don't need anything for our house. We plan to go to Paris for our honeymoon. Neither of us has ever been. We both LOVE food and wine so our idea for our registry is to register for 'food and wine experiences' at all of the restaurants that we want to visit on our honeymoon. That way, when we're at each restaurant we can think of the friend or family member who gave us that experience. It will also make our thank you cards much more interesting as we plan to include a photo of us enjoying the restaurant and let them know what we ate and drank there!" -Jennifer from Toronto

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2013

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Wedding Registries Made Easy

Wedding Registries Made Easy