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Cost-Cutting Advice From Fellow Brides

  |  By Jen O'Brien

Wondering how other brides are saving money on their weddings? We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share their best cost-cutting tips and tricks. Here’s what they had to say:

I printed all the invites, rsvps, and envelopes. I bought my dress from a wedding consignment store which only cost me $500.00 and veil $75.00. My husband rented his tux and I bought my daughter's dress from Walmart. I made all the little treat bags for the tables and the name cards for the tables. We paid everything up front and not on credit. We got married in a park which only cost $80.00 with a justice of the peace which was only $100.00. All and all our wedding cost us $3000.00 and we didn't have to pay interest as it was all paid for in advance. - Rachel Burnie via Facebook

Bargain shopping online and Etsy. That website has saved me tons and tons of money! - Liz Gruening via Facebook

We photographed a bride the other day who grew flowers and made her own simple bouquet with some ribbon and pins! - @GreenPhotograph via Twitter

We cut the guest list and had a BBQ reception with homemade food...yumm. - Mary Giesbrecht via Facebook

We invited 24 of the closest people to us that we actually see on a regular basis. Extended family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc... were not included on the guest list. We also had a two-hour thank you reception with cocktails, appetizers and cake. People talked and mingled about in a private dinning room. Best $5000 we ever spent! - Christina Hiebert via Facebook

We printed our own invites and arranged all the centerpieces. We were also able to get into a military venue thanks to a friend. - Radhika Khan via Facebook

Handmade soap for the guests as favours! - Lise Huppler via Facebook

We made our own invitations (paperless!) - Stefanie de Best Photography via Facebook

We did our own flowers & no boutonnieres! - @Orsolya via Twitter

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This article was originally published on Sep 08, 2011

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