Wedding Venue Options You Might Not Have Considered

cool wedding venues - brewery

cool wedding venues - brewery

When it comes to wedding venues, you might think you’ve considered every possible option — but, trust us, there are plenty of alternative event spaces to consider for your big day.

Obviously, the traditional banquet hall is always a great option when it comes to holding hundreds of guests, but versatile spaces like science centres can also accommodate large numbers. If you like the idea of a vineyard wedding, but want to do something a little different, why not host your party at a brewery instead? This is an especially good idea if you and your friends like to drink good local beer! One of the other wedding venue ideas we love is hosting your celebration at a campsite. This type of venue has the same feel as the ever-popular barn wedding, but it’s a bit of a twist on the rustic theme. Plus, you can turn your wedding into an affordable weekend getaway for your nearest and dearest. Other alternative wedding venue ideas include university clubs (there’s one on every major campus in Canada!) and yacht clubs (who doesn’t love spending a summer’s day by the water?).

For every popular wedding location you’ve thought of, we’ve got an unusual alternative. Here are five wedding venue ideas you might not have considered.

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