Cookie Bar

Calling all you non-cupcake fans–this idea is for you. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still huge cupcake lovers here at Weddingbells, but for we’re also major cookie fans. I recently bought a book that contains more than 100 cookie recipes, which inspired me to go on the hunt for “cookie bar” examples that would be perfect at a wedding reception in lieu of candy or cake. Don’t you agree? For a more personal touch, you could even bake some of your own favourites like chocolate chip cookies or shortbread. Yummy!

{image via ellyB events}


3 comments on “Cookie Bar
  1. Rosemarie P. says:

    Where can I find these glass jars?!

  2. Roseanne Dela Rosa says:

    Karene!! You can still create a cookie bar when you’re entertaining guests over, especially during the holiday season.

  3. karene victoria says:

    that is great! I wish I had done that, so much more unique

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