Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Day-Of Coordinator

Photography by Samantha Ong as seen in this real wedding.

Pinterest has become a haven for brides-to-be to begin planning all of the adorable do-it-yourself touches you want on your wedding day. From amazing over-the-top arches and stunning centrepieces to niche themed weddings and one-of-a-kind details, the DIY wedding has definitely been trending. Whether this is just a starting point for your bridal bliss or you’re constantly sending links to your event planner, the wedding planning landscape has changed. While a wedding planner can be a mandatory part of your preparation, more and more brides are taking it upon themselves (with the help of their bridal party!)  to execute a large part of the wedding logistics. 

Planning your wedding, with the help of your bridesmaids or loved ones, is a perfect way to ensure you get exactly what you want on your day, doing it with people you love and keeping your budget in check. Where you likely do still want to consider hiring a pro though is when it comes to your actual wedding day. Having a professional on site, dedicated to making the show run smoothly, is worth the investment and will absolutely keep your stress level down.

On the actual day, you want to enjoy your day, and you want your bridal squad to enjoy the day too. None of you need to be worried about the run of show, when the food is coming out and if the seating chart has been moved around. While being a part of the planning process, with or without an event planner, will have you aware of everything that your wedding entails, it’s up to your day-of wedding coordinator to ensure that there are no problems on the day. While you’re walking down the aisle, your day-of coordinator will be at your reception venue ensuring that your linens are correctly placed, the caterers aren’t running behind and your special day is something that you’ll remember forever.


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