A Chic Florist In Ottawa

Luxe Blooms was launched nearly two years ago in Ottawa by Michelle Louis-Jean, a former legal assistant who decided to ditch her career after becoming enamoured by the incredibly Insta-friendly rose-box trend. “I started seeing them everywhere,” she says. “And I just loved the sleek, simple look.” So she started an online-only delivery service from her home studio, and sources her blooms—mostly roses, but she’ll also do carnations and peonies—from a local supplier. They all come in chic white boxes that, thanks to Kardashian approval, double as vases, and make extra-appropriate take-home gifts for guests.

These days, she’s expanded her repertoire to include infinity roses, which can last up to a year and can be a total game-changer for pals who’d typically be opposed to taking home centrepieces (they’re real, just specially preserved to stay totally fresh). Brides can get boxes filled with blooms in every colour of the rainbow, from classic blush to an electric blue that would complement any kind of vibrant unicorn cake. One of her more popular bridal requests? A parade of mini boxes running down the centre of a dessert table. The mini boxes of nine roses start at $50, while giant heart-themed boxes that really showcase your love can go for over $500.

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