Chic DIY Projects You Need To Have At Your Wedding

Chic DIY Projects Your Need to Have At Your Wedding - seating chart

Whether you’re a natural crafter or you just want to bring a touch of personality to your wedding day, incorporating a DIY project or two (or 10, depending how ambitious you are) is a wonderful idea to save you some extra bucks on decor rental and to give your wedding a truly unique touch. Not only will you most likely have a blast letting your creative side flourish, often times a DIY project can be rather therapeutic and gives you a little break from the stress of wedding planning. If you’ve decided to take on a project bigger than you had anticipated, all you need to do is gather your bride tribe and enlist your fiancé to get all your DIY projects completed

Whether you’ve decided to do as many DIY elements as possible for your wedding or only to complete one special project, we’ve selected 15 of the most beautiful DIY projects that would be a stunning addition at any ceremony or reception space.


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