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Chic and Modern Bachelorette Party Ideas

  |   By Nicole Keen

When it comes to your bachelorette party, why not think beyond the bar scene? There are plenty of other enjoyable ways to get together with your best girls and celebrate your impending nuptials. We love the idea of learning something new as a group, especially if that skill will come in handy for your wedding! Taking a class together is a great bonding experience, plus it's rewarding for everyone involved. Here are three of our favourite ideas to consider for your girl's night:

1) Wine Tasting

You and your girlfriends love to get together over a glass of wine, so you may as well turn it into a learning experience! It can be really fun to develop your palate and figure out what types of wine you truly enjoy, and it's always useful to be able to pair food with wine---especially when it comes to entertaining in your newlywed nest. You can even make a road trip out of the experience by heading out to different wineries and staying for a night at a quaint bed and breakfast.

2) Flower Arranging

Who doesn't love fresh flowers? Taking a flower arranging class makes for a nice, girly day out, especially when you serve champagne and sweet treats. Plus, at the end of the class everyone leaves with the perfect parting gift---a beautiful bouquet! You may even choose to practice your new skills for your wedding by putting together your own centrepieces or arranging thank-you posies for your guests.

3) Cooking

A cooking class is a win/win situation---you get to expand your skills in the kitchen, have a laugh with your friends and eat tons of delicious food. Pick a type of food that you particularly enjoy (Italian, French or Indian, for instance) and learn how to make a tasty feast at home. Don't worry about everything being perfect, either: if something goes awry in the kitchen it will just provide comic relief!

This article was originally published on Apr 09, 2012

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