Wedding Cakes Made Of Cheese. Yes, Cheese!


Do your tastes tend more toward savory rather than sweet treats? Then these wedding cakes made of cheese will be right up your alley. In lieu of traditional baked goods, more couples are opting for this creative take on the cheese cake — several wheels of differing cheeses stacked in a tiered formation and decorated to resemble a traditional wedding cake.

Wedding cakes made of cheese can be decorated with fresh flowers and look especially great topped with fresh fruit (figs, grapes and lemons are perfect additions). When it comes time to cut the cheese, ahem, cheese cake that is, separate the tiers and spread them on a serving block with tags to indicate which cheese is which. The best way to complement your wedding cheese cake would be to pair it with some great wine or even chocolate.

Another nice touch would be to leave little pamphlets for your guests to ensure they are filled with information on the type of cheeses you’re serving and which type of flavours are to be expected (remember, not everyone may be a fan of your favourite blue cheese).

For foodie couples, this sort of cheese cake alternative is definitely the way to go. There are lots of choices with regards to which wheels can make up a cheese cake and the number of cheese wheels you’ll need to make up your savory creation — though most tend to stand three to five tiers high.

Here are a few examples of how other couples have incorporated wedding cakes made of cheese into their celebrations.

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