Champagne Vs. Sparkling Wine


When it comes to choosing whether or not to serve bubbly for your wedding does it matter? If you have a small budget or very large guest list, it may not make sense. Or if your taste buds can’t differentiate between the two, then really who cares? While champagne is actually by definition a sparking wine, it can only really be called “champagne” if it was produced in a small region of Champagne in northern France. The process in which champagne is made versus sparking wine is also different. The best Champagnes out there (like Dom Pérignon) use the Champagne Method, which allows the bubbles to evolve naturally. So when it comes to your wedding, what do you choose? If your budget allows and you love it, then I say go for the real deal. You just need to order enough for each guest to have a glass to raise a toast. Prefer to enjoy it on a smaller scale? Pop the cork during your rehearsal dinner, that way your nearest and dearest can enjoy the splurge with you. If you just want something fun and bubbly to toast with then just go with a sparking wine. There are many really tasty and affordable brands out there, including Voga’s Sparking Pinot Grigio, $16, which  has aromas of white blossoms and a ripe fruit with a citrus-y finish. Perfect for a summer wedding.

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