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Bridesmaid Gifts: Ideas From Other Brides On What To Get Your Girls

  |  By Jen O'Brien

Want to get a little something special for the girls in your bridal party but unsure of what to pick out? We asked our Facebook followers what sorts of gifts they'd be giving to their best girls. Here’s what they had to say:

I had beautiful clutch purses custom made for them, as well as necklace/earring sets. :) - Alana Scott

I got them custom-made pearl necklaces with matching earrings, tanks tops that say "maid of honour" and "bridesmaid", and brown flip-flops in case their feet start to hurt. - Shannon Black

I bought them Kate Spade emerald drop earrings and a pair of hanky pankys. - Jen Stav

I got them friendship balls and pearl necklaces. - Jennifer M Gjertsen

White robes with their initials embroidered :) - Melissa Freij

Custom-made and personalized Zippo lighters with their entire first and last name engraved. - Caitlin Lee Hendrick-Arounlasy

I got them little gift bags full of goodies. - Brandi Brook Smith

Crystal earrings to match their black dresses. - Jenilee Kupka

I gave them silver lipstick cases with their names engraved on them. - Christie Geen

I bought their dresses and other little things. - Rachel Burnie

Beautiful Kate Spade clutches, flasks, pashminas, and custom-made pearl necklaces. - Aubri Poon

I bought them reversible necklaces that were handmade. Who knew that the Vancouver Art Gallery had such amazingly beautiful jewelry for presents?! - Mink Makeup & Hair

This article was originally published on Sep 06, 2011

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