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Brides Weigh In On Making Wedding-Day Decisions

  |  By Bailey Spagat

The road to planning a wedding can be stressful and even the smallest details can be incredibly difficult to decide on. You can ask family and friends for help, but ultimately the final decisions have to be made by you and your hubby-to-be. To offer some solace, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what they struggled with while planning. Here's what they had to say.

"My hardest decision was my first dance songs and the father daughter dances because music is so meaningful." - Chandra Lavergne via Facebook

"Invitations" - Linda Gurd via Facebook

"My shoes! All the other decisions just seemed to fall into place when we needed them to but I struggled for months to find the perfect shoes." - Laurie de Fleuriot via Facebook

"Cutting a photographer out because there wasn't room for one in the budget." - Melissa Bez via Facebook

"Hands down, it's deciding on a budget, and sticking to a budget." - @judyelee via Twitter

"Drawing a line of who was invited to the reception. We would have loved everyone we know there but it just wasn't realistic for us." - Tara MacDonald via Facebook

"Deciding on a location for our wedding" - Kat Krapivina via Facebook

"Guest list. There are a couple of people on the grooms side I really don't want at my wedding. Still undecided." - Jennifer Stone via Facebook

"Venue and guestlist, the two coincide." - Alexandra via Facebook

"Who cuts the guest list." - @bluepoppy_mk via Twitter

"Who and how to involve close friends and family." - Michelle Poirier via Facebook

"I would have to say picking a florists has been the hardest decision for me." - Kathy Larkin via Facebook

"Location." - Nicky Lynn Dundas via Facebook

"The registry...who knew that picking out "free" gifts could be so hard? I don't know if I want a gravy boat or a salad plate, bread plate, dessert plate, brown towels or beige towels! I'm getting stressed just typing this." - Liz Gruening via Facebook

"Location!! There's so many options." - YourWeddingAway via Facebook

"For some reason I had more trouble with all the small decisions than the bigger ones. We only saw one venue, and booked it. Of course the most important decision is the fiancé." - Diane Lucas via Facebook

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This article was originally published on Oct 28, 2011

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