Bridal Shower Decor You Can Reuse On Your Wedding Day

Adorable Bridal Shower Decor Ideas - Glitter Champagne

Adorable Bridal Shower Decor Ideas - Pinwheels

Your bridal shower is the one wedding-related event where you can go into full-throttle girl mode. Pink, flowers, hearts — you name it, your bridal shower is fair game.

Even though you won’t be planning the shower yourself (typically the bridal party or close family members organize this celebration), you can still drop some hints with your shower planners about the theme of your wedding to ensure that this pre-party reflects the main event.

Pinwheels, balloons, teepees and glittery champagne bottles are just a few of the sweet accessories we’re currently loving (and most of these items and ideas can be reused as part of your reception decor).

Take a look through the gallery below and forward your favourite details to the girls hosting your pre-wedding bash.

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