Bouquet toss–yay or nay?

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of two great friends of mine–everything ran quite smoothly from their first dance (which was beautifully choreographed) to the short yet sweet speeches. Towards the end of the evening, they decided to do the good ol’ bouquet toss. It was quite hilarious as my girlfriends and I pushed each other NOT to be the one to catch the bouquet–it just wasn’t our thing. That’s not to say I’m opposed to those who love the idea.

Which leads me to pose the question, will any of you be indulging in this old-age tradition? Or will you forfeit the whole bouquet and garter idea altogether for something else? Let’s discuss!

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8 comments on “Bouquet toss–yay or nay?
  1. Shari says:

    I guess it depends on the crowd you’re hosting. Most of our friends are happily single, so the idea of rushing for something that would make them next in line to join us married couples? A little offensive. Though some of my friends were devastated when I said we weren’t going to have a bouquet toss.

  2. Barbara G. says:

    We didn’t have a bouquet toss simply because we had no single ladies attending the wedding besides our widowed grandmothers! And since it was an afternoon wedding, we cut the garter toss as well.

  3. Amber says:

    I personally was dreading the idea of a bouquet toss, and had already ruled out the garter. But I really love your idea Lina, I think I might just add that to my wedding. Such a great and classy alternative. I’m with Judith in that a garter toss would be a little uncomfortable with my groom.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I had decided not to have one, but my BF (who is one of my BMs) asked me to have one as she was excited at the prospect of catching my bouquet. So I’m going to have one after all.

  5. ..judith.. says:

    Great idea Lina!

    While most woman part like the red sea when the bouquet is tossed, I think I want all the wedding traditions to be in mine. Though I must admit that the garter toss will be beyond awkward – especially for my hubby-to-be :).

  6. Kristen says:

    A definite NAY. That goes for the garter toss as well. Nothing says classy wedding like the groom putting his head up the brides skirt.

  7. Roseanne says:

    Lina – I love that idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lina says:

    I have decided not to do a bouquet toss mainly for the reason you mentioned…nobody wants to do it! lol Instead, we will be having a couple dance where all the married couples will dance and leave the dance floor when the MC calls out the number of years they’ve been married. This will eventually leave us with the one couple that has been married the longest and they will win the bouquet!

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