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I have been a florist for 12 years, and without a doubt wedding flowers are my personal passion! I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge, lessons and experiences with you. I hope this blog will shed some light on the (sometimes) overwhelming process of planning a wedding. Flowers can be so much fun to plan and hopefully this blog will prove it!
I thought a wonderful way to start, would be to dream about an amazing flower: tulips. Typically tulips are locally grown from mid-November to mid-June. They are available in a variety of juicy colours, which allows you to work them into almost any wedding theme. An interesting fact about tulips is they still grow after they are cut! Allowing them to bend and grow towards the bright light of a sunny window, thus creating a picture perfect, ever-changing arrangement.
Now let’s envision a beautiful tulip wedding…The bride would have an oversized bouquet of all tulips (using at least 75+ stems), and the bridesmaids would have smaller versions to match. The men’s boutonnières would be a single fresh tulip with its own leaf wrapping around the bloom. To keep the tulip theme flowing, a cluster of large vases would be placed at the front of the ceremony, with tulips “spilling” out of the large open mouth of each vase. A clutch of tulips tied onto each pew. At the reception half the tables would have a low vase packed full of short tulips, creating a hedge design, the other half of the tables would use a tall vase with tulips twisting in the glass with a bit of grass swirling amongst them. To finish the tables a short tulip would be placed on a folded napkin in the middle of the plate. To add a little organic feel to the scheme a row of open tulip bulbs would line the front of the head table nestled in their own earth.
Tulips are a unique flower—they can portray country warmth to modern simplicity. If you are lucky enough to have this flower available when you are getting married, don’t be afraid to be creative with their versatility.

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