Cool Barn Wedding Venues Across Canada

The Coolest Barn Venues Across Canada - The Rustic Wedding Barn

The Coolest Barn Venues Across Canada - The Homestead

With the explosion of rustic, DIY and boho wedding decor in recent years, barns have taken centre stage as one of the most popular options for wedding venues. Laid-back, relaxed, and usually pretty roomy, the barn is perfectly suited to the current generation of low-maintenance brides looking to throw a simple yet trendy celebration for their guests. Not only do barns fit with most wedding themes from shabby-chic to elegant, but they can also serve as a more affordable option than your average hotel wedding.

The best part is that stunning and spacious barn wedding venues are a dime a dozen in Canada, so strap on your cowboy boots and check out eight of our faves from British Columbia to the Maritimes.

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