Awesome Non-Floral Centrepiece Ideas Your Friends Will Wish They Thought Of First

non-floral centrepiece - circus theme

Centrepieces comprised of clusters of blooms are classics that work for almost any type of wedding, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing non-floral centrepiece options out there that are worth exploring for your celebration. In fact, non-floral centrepieces can allow you to show off your bridal personality and venue, and many of our favourites are even DIY! Incorporating unique materials into your non-floral centrepieces can also help reduce the cost of your decorations. Believe it or not, everyday items like candles, lemons, balloons and tissue paper streamers can transform your reception tables into something memorable! We’ve searched high and low to find 15 unique non-floral centrepieces for your wedding.

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