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This Anniversary Shoot in Paris (Shot On iPhone 11 Pro) Is Simply Breathtaking

  |   By Alison McGill

Vancouver-based photographer Kristy Ryan, co-owner of Blush Photography (and the winner of best Wedding Photography in our 2019 Weddingbells Canadian Wedding Awards) spends a lot of time travelling the globe shooting weddings, honeymoons and anniversary shoots with her clients. She recently jetted to Paris to shoot Jessica Cheng and Phil Chou, a couple she’s been working with for over three years, starting with their engagement shoot which was staged on a mountain top in British Columbia. “Since then I shot their wedding, travelled with them to Iceland and Myanmar for shoots to celebrate their anniversary and this year it was off to Paris,” Ryan says. These types of shoots are becoming increasingly common with couples and Ryan loves the adventure and romance of them.

For this elaborate shoot to celebrate their third wedding anniversary (and 15 years of being a couple), three dramatic backdrops were chosen. “We started at sunrise at Place du Trocadero to capture the Eiffel Tower,” Ryan shares. “Then shot briefly at Hotel de Crillon, then went to Palais Royal and around the Louvre. We finished with a helicopter ride over the city to the countryside of Chateau de Villette.”

To capture all of these swoon-worthy moments, Ryan had the iPhone 11 Pro in her kit, which she says is a something every couple needs to pack for their honeymoon and travel adventures. “With travel photography, often the moment happens quickly, and with the iPhone everything is right there for you to capture the best photos possible. Just swipe, tap and shoot. The new Night Mode feature is particularly amazing for travel photography. I can remember many times being inside caves and temples on my travels and not being able to capture anything. I think the low light night mode will also come in handy for travel photography.”

With special thanks to the following vendors: NKT Events, Ciara Coiffure, Trine Juel, Floraison, Rouge Wedding, Retro Motors Collection. Dresses from Paolo Corona Paris (yellow and black gowns), Top Bridal Paris (cream and silver gowns) and Mae Paris (green gown). Check out these amazing photos captured by Ryan during her jet set trip with Jessica and Phil to Paris and beyond.

Ryan loved the iPhone's super-slick three camera set up. There are three modes: Ultra-Wide camera, Wide camera and Telephoto camera. This image captured in Portrait Mode puts Jessica & Phil front and centre in the midst of the beauty of the Palais Royal in Paris.

This photo is a stunning example of iPhone's Ultra Wide lens capabilities. With three lenses at the ready, you are basically packing a packing a professional caliber camera in your pocket that’s able to take the most incredible snaps.

These two photos were shot using Night Mode and Ryan notes both shots had extremely low light. "I REALLY liked the flexibility of the low light and wide angles that enabled me to get some shots that I wouldn't have been otherwise," Ryan says.

This article was originally published on Nov 06, 2019

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