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All The Info You Need To Include On Your Wedding Invitations

  |   By Angie Kovacs

There are a wide variety of wedding invitations you can choose from when planning for your big day. Whether you select from ready-made invites or have them custom made to fit your theme, you need to ensure that they include all the information that your guests need. While it may seem straightforward, it’s often a simple detail that is left off and causes your guests to reach out for more information. Your wedding website, should you choose to have one, should also include these basic details so that your guests are able to view it should they misplace your invitation. 

It’s customary to begin your invitation with a line about who is hosting the wedding. While this may be you and your partner, this may also involve you and your future in-laws. Even if you are financially responsible for the wedding, including your parents on the invitation is a nod to their involvement and all their help and support leading up to the big day. Although you may be highlighting them, don’t forget to clearly state you and your partner's own names. If you are inviting a friend of your parents or a family friend then they may require this clarity. 

Ensure that you request for this intended guest to come to the wedding! Simply sending a notice with the date and location may come across as a save-the-date rather than an invitation. 

Including the details of the ceremony and reception are integral to keeping your guests on track. The date, time and location of the ceremony should all be listed. If your reception is being held in a separate location this should also be noted along with the time that the reception will commence. If there is any additional information that your loved ones will need about the reception, including any dietary information, you should also include this here. 

An important and often overlooked component of the invitation is to include the dress code. If you’re open to any type of dress this isn’t a mandatory component. However, a simple line such as "black tie recommended" or "summer dress," will help your guests to know what to expect and will help to prepare them for the day. This will help to minimize questions down the line about what is acceptable to wear.

If you are hoping to receive RSVPs by mail the wedding invitations should also contain the RSVP card that your guests can mail back to you. 

There are a number of optional additions that you can have on your wedding invitations. If you’re hoping to track RSVPs online or have additional information on a wedding website, highlighting the link to the site is important. You may also include a map or locational information in the invite if you think this will be beneficial. If your wedding will take place in a complex location or with multiple venues you may choose to include a map for the ease of your guests. If the wedding is not local to many of your guests you also may have a slip containing hotel information for the wedding. 

While you want your invitation to be a beautiful keepsake that your guests will be excited to receive, it is integral that you highlight all the information that they will need. Forgetting a piece of information on the invite will lead to many of your guests reaching out to you for any clarification that they may need, something you don't want happening while you're in the midst of busy wedding planning!


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