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Advice From Fellow Brides On Choosing a Wedding Song

  |  By Bailey Spagat

Still searching for that special tune that perfectly sums up your relationship? Narrowing the field can be a daunting task so we appealed to our Facebook and Twitter followers to see how they found their wedding songs. Here’s what they had to say:

"Turned the iPod to A and let it play.... for about 3 weeks." - Aimee King via Facebook

"By listening to Sirius satellite radio! Heard a lovely Paul McCartney song and we both agreed. "Every Night"!" - @Melissajphoto via Twitter

"My fiance is a trumpet player and we both love Louis Armstrong and our wedding theme is a vintage mix of the swing/jazz/bigband era...."La Vie en Rose" is just a given." - Alexandra via Facebook

"Easy. We both love Rural Alberta Advantage, and we met "In The Summertime" and that's our favorite song." - Sandy Francis via Facebook

"I heard it on the radio and it gave me goosebumps- I just knew it was the one. I've go to say the music has been one of the easiest choices; Besides the groom." - Raegan Burrage-Fulham via Facebook

"Ours was "Through The Years" by Kenny Rogers. I love the words to this song because my husband and I have been together for 11 years and I love how this song says we've been through a lot  and we made it because of each other. It's a great song." - Chandra Lavergne via Facebook

"Searched Google for the best one." - Andreew Claudio Janis via Facebook

"We didn't have a wedding song or a first dance or a dance at all. We mingled with our 24 guests over cocktails and appetizers for two hours to say thank you. I put together a playlist that played quietly in the private dining room we were in." - Christina Hiebert via Facebook

"My fiancée told me he loved me for the first time while he played "Chasing Cars" on his computer (before it was on Grey's Anatomy). It may not be traditional but it brings up a lot of feelings and emotions inside of us when we hear it!" - Genevieve Frigault via Facebook

"We're doing two. The first one we heard on the radio and laughed out loud because it was 'us', the second has meaning!" - @Gravimusprime via Twitter

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This article was originally published on Sep 23, 2011

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