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Adorable At Home Proposal Ideas

  |   By Angie Kovacs

Photography courtesy of Jessilynn Wong Photography.

With the advent of social distancing it has become increasingly difficult for couples to go on traditional dates which may be the location of a proposal. Although they can’t go on planned vacations or even out to a restaurant, couples are finding ways to share time with their loved ones. Some couples who were ready and planning to pop the question have even taken this time of social distancing to continue with their plan in new and unique ways. After all being with the one you love is the most important thing. 

An At Home Vacay If you were planning a trip with your significant other that has been cancelled, you can still create the trip at home for an adorable DIY destination engagement like this couple. After a trip to Paris fell through the groom recreated the eiffel tower to get down on one knee in front of the famous landmark. 

Photo via Erika Diffendall.

Family Involvement If you were planning to propose in front of all your friends and family you still can with a simple Zoom call! Involve all your friends and loved ones from afar to the special moment in your own home. The call can even be set-up discreetly to have everyone viewing in silence before the question is asked. Or involve the family directly into the proposal with signs or a song. 

Home Delivery If you’re not currently living or quarantining with your spouse a proposal becomes a little more difficult. However home delivery is one way to create a small or grand gesture that they’ll love. Send flowers, balloons or something special to your sweetheart and when they call you up ask them the question. This couple chose adorable doughnuts to ask the big question.

A Romantic Picnic Although you may not be able to go out to a fancy restaurant to have an elaborate dinner you can still create a stunning and sweet picnic meal at home that your significant other will love. This will show the extra effort that you’ve put in and create an amazing memory from this time

Backyard Proposal The simplist proposal can still be the sweetest. Bachelor Ben Higgins asked for his finacees hand in her parents back yard with their assistance. Although there were no bells and whistles the question still ended with a resounding ‘yes.’

A Rooftop Engagement If you live in a condo or apartment building the most romantic space may be at the top of your building. While parks are closed to the public this outdoor space is perfect for a romantic evening. Bring your loved one up for a special surprise. Moonlight, a dinner and popping the question are all it takes for a romantic evening ending in engagement. 


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