A Wintery Wonderful Proposal…


After the big snowfall in Vancouver in December 2008, Karlo and I decided to go to the park and play in the snow. I’ve always loved the snow and being in that park, making snowballs and snow angels, made me feel like a little kid again; I was so happy just to be there. When Karlo suggested that we build a giant snowman, I was skeptical, because the snow was too powdery and wouldn’t stick well enough to build a good one. But Karlo was insistent, so we tried… and tried…and tried. Finally after about an hour of trying, we had only produced a teeny tiny snowman that stood about two feet tall. Not wanting to leave the adorable little guy behind, we picked him up and brought him back to our place with us. We set him in front of our front door and went back inside.

The next day was Christmas Eve. We had plans to go to my mom’s house (about 20 kms away) for Christmas Eve dinner, but our car was snowed in and the roads were pretty bad. I was in a terrible mood, for fear that we wouldn’t be able to be with my family for the holidays. But Karlo insisted that we bundle up, pack up all our gifts and make the trek out to the car and on to my mom’s house. I agreed hesitantly, and couldn’t understand why he was so insistent that we venture out into the bad weather at that very moment.

When we got outside, I was walking behind Karlo and as we approached the gate, I noticed something small and red on the snowman.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a small heart with writing on it.  I put the bags full of presents down on the ground and got close enough to read the little heart and when I turned around, Karlo was down on one knee, ring out in front of us and he asked simply “Will you marry me?” I immediately began weeping and couldn’t answer, so I nodded my head vigorously and through the tears somehow blurted out “YES!” We stood there, in the snow, embracing and crying and I was happier than I have ever been.  The road got very, very quiet, and as the snow fell down on us in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel like we were inside our own giant snowglobe. It was the best proposal ever.

That was over a year ago now, and I still get teary eyed when I think about that magical day. Like I said, I have ALWAYS loved snow, and in fact I always thought I’d get married in the wintertime, with the snow falling down outside. Instead, we got engaged in the snow and…are going to get married on a sunny beach in Jamaica! Ha! It’s the best of both worlds, if you ask me! In my upcoming posts, I’ll talk about the reasons we decided to have a destination wedding, as well as what planning was needed to make it happen. But for now, I’d like to ask you a question. Our wedding is going to be a beautiful, intimate affair, with just my Maid of Honour (my best friend Angela) and Karlo’s Honour Attendant (his “best man” is his best friend who is a girl) by our sides. If you were in our shoes, would you have the wedding party of two wear the same dress in the same colour, the same dress in different colours, or two completely different dresses in different colours?  I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

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